Setting The Industry Standard In Global Anti-Spam And GDPR Compliance

Total Compliance Solutions (TCS) is the latest evolution of our original product, CASL Cure, and is the only fully-automated and integrated anti-spam and GDPR compliance solution on the market with patents in Canada and the U.S., along with a pending global patent.

We give you all the tools you need to get into compliance, stay in compliance and most importantly, prove compliance with North American anti-spam laws as well as GDPR simultaneously in one single deployment.

TCS is an enterprise-ready compliance program that also easily covers small to mid-size businesses.

This includes:

  • Fully integrated and automated global email compliance;
  • Management hub with workflows for DSRs (Data Subject Requests) and full compliance with the 8 Individuals' Rights;
  • Breach Management, tracking and reporting;
  • Comprehensive workflow, reporting, auditing and tracking capabilities through our powerful Administration Portal;
  • DPO (Data Privacy Officer) as a service.

Ask us how we can make TCS the global system of record or master data for all consent types and unsubscribes for all anti-spam laws as well as the information hub for full GDPR compliance.

We make compliance our business,

so you can focus on managing your business!

Get Compliant.

Get Total Compliance Solutions.